Annais Klock: Director of Closings at Stronghill Capital on Relying on the Team since Closing a Deal is a Relay Race

Release Date: December 30, 2022


Ever wish you had a more organized and efficient way for your team to handle paperwork while closing a deal?

In this episode of The Closing Table podcast, our Customer Success Team share their experience in terms of using a data room and how it helped and may have hurt certain deals. They also share different ways you may enhance data rooms and what one can expect to find in a data room.

What’s discussed: 

In this episode of the Closing Table Podcast, we are joined by Annais Cloak, the Director of Closings at Stronghill Capital. She shares the responsibilities of the closers as well why is it important to have a good title company. She also talks about knowing when to use the communication channels effectively. 

What we discussed: 

0:00 - Intro

2:32 - Who’s in charge of closing a deal? 

4:18 - What makes closing a deal successful?

5:50 - Why is it critical to work with good title partners?

7:31 - When it is best to pick up the phone?

9:46 - Importance of having one closer assigned to a deal

11:49 - Why preparing everything in advance is helpful when closing a deal?

12:54 - When it is ideal to set a schedule for closing?

14:40 - How to keep everyone in the loop?

17:16 - How sending an email helped in closing a deal?

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