A platform designed specifically for organizing your due diligence

Close more deals with ProDeal. Replace email chains, conference calls, and data rooms with one single platform.

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    What if there were a platform that…


    Provided you with a simple way to grant access to specific documents?


    Provided you with data rooms that are organized in a checklist form (not just a whole bunch of folders) allowing you to easy track the progress of the deal?


    Provided you access to a deal-closing task force who handles your admin work for you + a Customer Success Team who onboards you and gives ongoing training to ensure you succeed?

    Guess what? This platform already exists.

    ProDeal is the most helpful tool for tracking and organizing due diligence and is trusted by some of the biggest real estate companies in the United States and around the world. Over 2,800 and counting.


    See how it works in less than two minutes

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    • Set up a deal room in one click

      Create deal rooms with assignable line items, due dates, files and notes to keep everyone on the same page.

    • Customize user access

      Invite parties to the deal room with a click. Decide who gets access to what, and always know who’s in the room with real-time event logging.

    • Collaborate seamlessly

      Keep due diligence moving without expensive calls. Share documents, assign deliverables, and set due dates with ease.

    • Easily track and report activities

      Always have the answers for clients and managers. Assign every item, track any open tasks, and keep an eye on progress.


    Endless amounts of diligence to track?

    ProDeal organizes your due diligence activities and brings together the parties you need in one easy-to-use deal room

    • Easy-to-use interface

    • Setup and onboarding in minutes

    • Deal management from anywhere

    • Mass upload large documents

    • Create teams of any size

    • Real-time communication

    • Dynamic custom checklists

    • Best-in-class cybersecurity

    • Built for real estate by real estate professionals

    • Handle deals with hundreds of properties

    What you’re missing out on…

    ProDeal is the place where you do not have to use 3 different services and still be limited with features.


    Comparison Features

    • Secure document sharing

    • Store and track documents in a live checklist

    • Team-based access permissions (with ability to make bulk changes)

    • Create & customize deal checklist/due diligence templates

    • Hands on team with commercial real estate knowledge & support

    The only platform designed for closing commercial real estate deals.

    • Replace email chains, conference calls and file-sharing tools with one single platform.

    • Easily track the progress of all your deals individually for optimal organization and success.

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