Employee Spotlight: Jon Rydberg, Head of Sales

Employee Spotlight: Jon Rydberg, Head of Sales

Every month, we will be interviewing a member of the ProDeal team so you can get know to us a little bit better.

1) Describe your role at ProDeal.

As Head of Sales, I’m responsible for all revenue generating activities associated with driving adoption and consumption of the ProDeal Platform. I do this by leading a team of sales professionals who are passionate about streamlining and securing our customers deal workflow.

2) What do you like most about your job?

I get a front row seat to witness organizations transform their businesses using our platform. Hearing the positive feedback from our customers in how they would not be able to otherwise grow their business or handle complex transactions is motivating and validating. It’s not everyday you’re able to say that your platform allows people to spend more time with their family because they’re not inundated with time consuming administrative work. Whether it’s a small, private lender upstart or a Fortune100 bank, I have the opportunity to directly impact our customers’ businesses and help them scale and stay secure from cyber security threats.

3) What gets you out of bed in the morning?

This sounds cliche, but it is all about the people you work with and for. I am fortunate to have incredible people around me who I trust and respect, which makes me excited to go to work everyday!

4) Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.

I am passionate about volunteering with youth, whether it is through Younglife’s special needs ministry, Capernaum, or coaching high school lacrosse, nothing is more rewarding then serving and giving back.

5) What is your most memorable ‘facepalm’ moment?

I once mentioned to a friend that my brother had two twin girls. To which he replied, “Ummmm, yeah, twins do come in pairs.” #facepalm


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