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An easy tool that replaces email chains for commercial real estate deals. Close your next deal with better security, less costs and no wasted time.

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Same workflow with a modern tool

Email chain based deals are sloppy, insecure, and annoying. They create enormous costs, risk, and headache. Deals that use ProDeal are organized, secure, and seamless. ProDeal ensures that everyone is on top of the ball and following information security best practices instead of just emailing around documents for anyone to see.


Create a deal from a template and invite people to work with you just like you normally would when you add them to an email chain.


Upload drafts, real time chat, assign responsibility, set due dates, get a daily summary and check on deliverables to remove blockers.


Mark documents as final, upload your settlement statement, and download a closing binder the moment the deal funds in 1-click.

Clean and Clear Organization

Replace those massive emails chains and messy data rooms and start using ProDeal to instantly speed up your next closing. No more endless conference calls and mindless housekeeping tasks required to get a deal done. Be up to speed and on the same page every day.

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Information Security Best Practices

Encrypted Data

Your data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL/TLS in transit and 256-bit AES when stored on the Amazon Cloud

MFA Authentication

You can turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to require a login code only valid for brief time.

Event Logging

Activity such as uploads, downloads, and views are tracked so you can monitor your deal data in real time.

Permission Controls

Decide who sees what and when. Always know who is in the room and kick them out anytime.

Traffic Monitoring

We programmatically update our availability to users based on location and suspicious behavior patterns.

External Audits

Multiple external firms monitor, audit, and ensure best practices through automation and human reviews.

Storage + Communication + Status

ProDeal provides all the modern document storage and security required for a data room while also providing real time interactive features so you can close deals with a fraction of the time and cost that email based deals take. No more wondering what is holding up the deal or searching for documents. Everyone is on the same page every step of the way.

Smart Storage


Use our technology for asset management, investor relations, syndication, deal marketing, and other document intensive processes.

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