Transaction Management Services

Let our team of experts support your workflow, chase down documents, and take administration off your hands so you can work on landing new deals while we close this one.

Extend your deal team with an expert partner.

See what ProDeal brings to your deal table.

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    Domain Expertise

    Our team of professionals has years of expertise closing commercial real estate deals. Think of us as a deal-closing task force available to you for a fraction of the price of paralegals or loan processors.

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    Premium Tech

    Our team and technology work hand-in-glove to supercharge your deals. Let us set up and manage everything for you in ProDeal, so you can bring order, transparency and security to your deals.

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    Project Management

    Working with dozens of parties and thousands of documents? No problem. We’ll purpose-build every room to suit your deal, and handle invites, document access and onboarding for your team.

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    24/7 On-Demand Service

    Our team is available to you with on-demand support at any time of the day, any day of the week. If you’re working, we’re working.

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    Portfolio Deals

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    Deal Setup

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    Lease Abstracts

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    Loan Sales

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    Document Verification

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    Virtual Notarization

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    Signature Page Creation

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    Document Management

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