Organize. Automate. Insight.

ProDeal is a team of technology, finance, and legal experts on a mission to secure and streamline transactions across the globe. We build digital products that turn the complex and chaotic into the efficient and failsafe.


How it all started...

In 2016, our founders got together to express their frustrations about the lack of technology in their markets. Every other industry had a way to initiate real-time transactions online, but sectors like real estate, insurance, and private equity were lacking these necessary tools for 21st century dealmaking. They thought, “There must be a better way,” yet they found no modern tools that fit their needs. With a clear vision of what modern transactions should be, the technology they wanted to build, and an exceptional team assembled, ProDeal was born.


A world where no one waits

ProDeal was founded on the vision of optimizing the execution of transactions so our clients are always a step ahead.


Organize. Automate. Insight.

The first step in our mission is to organize and secure the closing process. The next step is to automate the day to day tasks that are a waste of everyone’s time and money. The final step is to provide insight and intelligence so that even the largest transactions can be seamless and instant, from sourcing to securitization.

Ready to get ahead of the competition?