The perfect foundation for tech-first innovation

Save time and money by starting your digital transformation off right. Build your own solutions on top of ProDeal and get a massive head start on your technology goals.

Check API Reference

All the endpoints, all the features

Digitize and automate your deal-closing process with ProDeal’s robust toolkit.

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    Augment data safety and privacy.

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    Maintain structure and accountability.

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    Centralized, transparent talk in real time.

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    Role-based access

    Define permissions and privileges.

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    Out-of-the-box integrations

    ProDeal integrates swiftly into your existing CRMs, pipeline management tools, and asset management tools.

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    Get exactly what you need

    ProDeal’s JSON-based API is powerful and flexible to suit your toolset and architecture. Streamline, refine and optimize away!

Digital empowerment

Dedicated support for your tech goals

You don’t have to do it alone. We provide full technical support to help you get the most out of ProDeal’s API and conquer your digital transformation goals.

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import api from 'lib/api'
import Storage from 'lib/storage'
import Error from 'lib/error'

const onSuccessLogin = (response) => {

const onError = (error) => {

const Authenticate = (email, password) => {
    api.login(email, password)
Top integrations

Integrate ProDeal with your favorite tools

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    Integrate ProDeal with Hubspot and enhance efficiency and organization.

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    Streamline your workflow and heighten productivity with ProDeal for SalesForce.

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    Seamlessly bring ProDeal into your wide suite of tools with Zapier.

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    Outlook Calendar

    Schedule meetings without the fuss by integrating ProDeal and Outlook Calendar.

Tech innovation

More value, less headache

Our API is robust and easy to understand, even for junior developers. Stop replicating and start innovating with ProDeal.

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    Easy to Adopt

    RESTful design that’s easy to understand and use.

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    Keeps you Ahead

    All you need to do is build your UI. We take care of the rest.

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    High Performance

    ProDeal tackles any project: any scale, any duration.

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