How SVN improved efficiency & closed more deals with ProDeal

SVN Holman Partners is a firm that specializes in investment real estate sales with a focus on single tenant net lease products.


The Challenge

SVN Holman Partners ("SVN") was using five different platforms to manage deal due diligence including handwritten checklists, an internal drive and Google Drive to share large files with their clients and deal counterparties. The due diligence process wasn't streamlined which made it difficult for SVN's team to manage multiple deals in an efficient manner. SVN looked at potential solutions but they were all expensive and didn't provide the functionality needed to properly manage their process.

The Solution

SVN was invited to ProDeal as a guest and soon realized it centralized due diligence in a live checklist that tracked due dates. ProDeal also had permissions to provide tailored access to clients and counterparties and activity tracking and reporting. The SVN team was able to immediately use this off-the-shelf solution (which contained everything that was missing from SVN’s current tools) at a cost-effective price point.

The Result

ProDeal provided SVN with a single platform that saves them time and money. Using ProDeal, SVN's team is more organized, streamlined and efficient (SVN’s transaction manager says she can easily close three transactions in one week by herself). SVN's clients can bulk upload and download documents, get reminders, see due dates and interact with the SVN team in a real time checklist. The SVN team is also able to see when files are viewed, keep track of the due diligence progress, and keep all parties on the same page. The team now spends less time managing due diligence and more time focusing on closing deals.

One person can do it all on ProDeal

One person can do it all on ProDeal. It’s easy for me to track, simplifies my time, saved me and our clients hours and frees me up to do other more important work.

Addison Lijewski, Associate Advisor (SVN)