Andrew Damico: Chief Executive Officer at ProDeal on The 3 Universal Principles of Success in The Real Estate Software Business

Release Date: February 2, 2023


Does your service offering serve your community?

In this episode of The Closing Table podcast, our Customer Success Team chats with ProDeal’s CEO, Andrew Damico. We chat about the challenges commercial real estate deal teams are facing in this day and age, what ProDeal is doing to meet deal teams’ needs, and how ProDeal will be expanding in the near future.

What’s discussed: 

01:12: Why did Andrew choose the commercial real estate software industry?

04:27: Which challenges are deal teams facing these days?

06:12: How secure are the tools that most deal teams use?

10:20: How can ProDeal expand its usage to more teams?

17:25: What is Andrew most excited about for ProDeal’s future?

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