The Top Benefits Of Using A Data Room While Closing a Deal

Release Date: December 23, 2022


Ever wish you had a more organized and efficient way for your team to handle paperwork while closing a deal?

In this episode of The Closing Table podcast, our Customer Success Team share their experience in terms of using a data room and how it helped and may have hurt certain deals. They also share different ways you may enhance data rooms and what one can expect to find in a data room.

What’s discussed: 

0:00 - Intro

2:59 - How can a data room enhance a deal?

5:15 - Who usually creates the data room?

6:17 - In what way can a data room hurt a deal?

7:57 - How can you enhance an existing data room?

11:30 - How can public links can lead to problems?

12:53 - What does an enhanced data room look like?

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