Tyler Dechter: Senior Associate at Baum Realty Group on Building Your Business As A Junior Professional

Release Date: February 16, 2023


Ever heard of live-bid online auctions?

In this episode of the Closing Table Podcast, we are joined by Tyler Dechter, Senior Associate at Baum Realty Group. He shares how he got started in his career in live-bid online auctions and what he did to pioneer that side of the business. He also talks about how junior professionals can build their businesses, even in this market.

What’s discussed: 

02:06: How did Tyler get to where he is in his career?

07:47: How did Taylor pioneer the auction side of the business?

09:26: How did Tyler close his deals?

11:14: How often was Tyler on-call?

15:04: How is Tyler working through this current market?

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